Getting Started with iOS Development in Swift

I’ve been doing iOS development for almost two years now, but mostly using Objective C, which is the current standard of development in iOS. Apple recently released Swift, a new programming language, and since then adoption has been growing at a fast pace. People mostly like it because its syntax is much simpler and friendlier […]

Laugh & Learn: A fun and inspirational email digest

I’ve decided to publish a newsletter! It’s called Laugh & Learn, and my goal for it is to share a digest of fun, inspirational and educational content. Each post will contain a quick thought or two from me, as well as a collection of links to articles, books, podcasts, and videos I’ve really enjoyed. The […]

Designing with Bootstrap

Many of you might have already used Bootstrap to design some of your application layouts. If so, you likely did so based on a recommendation from a peer — indeed, the community is strong with Bootstrap. If you’re new to Bootstrap, or if you’re looking to better understand Bootstrap and why it’s so popular, then […]