• Per Scholas Lunch & Learn: “Listen to Yourself” – A talk where I describe lessons learned throughout my career, and how to make the most of opportunities available to you as you work your way up through various industries. I started as an intern in IT, and was able to build applications that changed the way the companies I worked for operated. My hope is this talk can inspire others to have confidence in themselves and to trust their instincts.
  • Level up Your Ruby – This talk goes through a very simple example with a number of alternative implementations. I show you how to use modules, class re-evaluation, and other techniques to help you understand the power available to you with Ruby.
  • The Missing Ingredient: Test-Drive Development as a Process – This talk could also be titled, “Why Test?”. A lot of us have learned how to do test driven development, but never really focused on why. This talk seeks to help answer that question, and show how important it is to integrate testing with your entire product development process.
  • Metaprogramming with Ruby – A talk where I show you some fun ways to use metaprogramming (e.g. dynamic method definition) to improve your code. No longer do you need to look at “has_many” and wonder how it’s built — watch this talk and do it yourself!
  • Monta Vista Technology Symposium: “Listen To Yourself” – An inspirational talk about my life leading up until my startup; what motivated me and helped guide me to my eventual startup career.